Fiorano SOA gains accreditation for UK e-GIF

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Fiorano announced today that that they have gained accreditation to the UK e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF). Nigel Bragg, Accreditation Manager, National Computing Centre, explained that, “Fiorano’s integration platform met all the e-GIF assessment criteria and is capable of enabling seamless communication and coherent exchange of services across public sector entities.”

Fiorano were founded in 1995 and are a privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley, Los Gatos, California, USA. In 1998, they became the first company to release a commercial Java product based on Sun Microsystems’s Java Message Service. The Fiorano SOA platform is built on the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus, which supports both loosely coupled (SOA) and decoupled (EDA) business components over a single technology base.

Fiorano conforms to most prime e-Government interoperability standards worldwide, including:

  • HL7 compliance: Fiorano provides HL7 compliant integration, to support UK national healthcare initiatives.
  • FEA Compliance: Fiorano maps to the Technical Reference Model (TRM) of the US Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) framework. 
  • BEA: Fiorano ESB conforms to the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) as mandated by the US Department of Defense, facilitating interoperability among the various Government agencies.

Atul Saini, CEO, Fiorano Software, saidFiorano’s compliance to the major international e-Government standards underscores the key architectural differentiators in Fiorano’s product, making Fiorano SOA the Integration platform of choice for public sector organizations world-wide as they seek to comply with fast approaching e-Government compliance deadlines.”