Oracle BPM Accelerators from Avio

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Avio Consulting announced on September 15th the release of a new service offering for Oracle BPM customers called Oracle BPM Accelerators.  Avio’s Oracle BPM Accelerators are designed to increase the value of an Oracle BPM investment (formerly BEA’s AquaLogic BPM) by helping Oracle customers access proven best practices, improve time-to-market and speed user adoption of their Oracle BPM investment.

Avio Oracle BPM Accelerators include:

  • Simple Automated Management for Environments (SAME):  SAME allows organizations to create and manage environments for Oracle BPM Enterprise deployments.  SAME automates tasks such as environment creation, engine administration, and project deployment across project teams and environments.
  • Extended Logging Framework (ELF): ELF enables organizations to enforce logging best practices and log message consistency across Oracle BPM deployments
  • Automated Testing Framework (ATF): ATF allows organizations to conduct automated test cases by running end-to-end tests of all processes and associated components for a project.  ATF allows testing of both human and system activities for comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Global Exception Management (GEM): GEM provides a platform for handling enterprise-level exceptions for Oracle BPM projects and applications.  GEM delivers a proactive alerting system to ensure key process activities are executing within acceptable boundaries.  In addition, GEM provides pre-built Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboards to provide a visible layer for exception monitoring.
  • Avio BPM Knowledge Base: The knowledge base provides access to Avio’s extensive and constantly expanding collection of industry research, articles, methodologies, project examples and industry best practices.

 Avio Consulting claim that their customers that leverage Oracle BPM Accelerators benefit from implementing their projects in 15% less time and decrease maintenance and support costs by up to 20%.

Avio Consulting is headquartered in Plano, Texas. It sepcilises in the adoption of merging technologies and in particular BPM and SOA>