Computer Crime Gets Sexy TV Show

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I loathe the relentless onslaught of TV cop shows that seem to dominate peak viewing schedules these days, so it was with trepidation that I decided to watch a new show on ITV called Identity.

The drama is based on an elite police unit formed to combat the rise in identity-related crime. Of course the unit is staffed with the usual hand picked combination of a dominating boss, a cool but rebellious detective, a techie and a couple of other supporters.

Naturally the building they occupy has fantastic panoramic views across London and an internal styling, furniture and decor that would drain the Met Police decorating budget in one purchase order. The Chief Constable, played by a chap who I think was in The Office, was the usual over demanding stereotype who wore his whistle chain like a huge bog chain. [note to wardrobe – please fix this]

Aside from these irritations it made interesting viewing, and they certainly crammed a lot into a 55 minute program. It’s worth a look if you just want to chill out and can ignore the ludicrous tech stuff.

My hope is that it will highlight issues around identity and data theft and will encourage people to be a bit more savvy with their personal data. Anything that can help with this education has got to be good. 

We shall see.