Are we prepared for another cold spell?

Written By: Peter Cooke
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In the UK, Business Continuity Planning is usually associated with issues such as fire, illness of key staff or a major computer failure.  We tend to think we are immune to the natural disasters that can affect businesses abroad – but with severe winter weather causing mass disruption across the country for a second year running, the problem is closer to home than we might think.  

A recent poll of 225 UK SMEs carried out by remote access company LogMeIn found that 53% of small businesses were not prepared for events that would prevent employees from accessing the office.

It has never been easier or more affordable to provide employees with home access to company resources, especially with the advent of cloud-based subscription services.  If climate change is going to cause similar problems with our future winter weather, it would be advisable to start putting measures in place now.  This would leave all businesses better prepared for future disruptions, whatever they may be.