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The security practice at Bloor Research has recently seen some changes and we now have two additional analysts working in the team.

Peter Cooke joins with over 20 years experience in the IT industry with expertise in the identity and access management field. He has worked at a number of IAM vendors including Quest Software, PassGo technologies and Symantec. Peter’s role will be to cover IAM and in particular Identity as a Service, SaaS as it relates to IAM, hosted strong authentication and integration as a service.

Fran Howarth rejoins Bloor as a senior analyst in the security practice. Fran has many years experience as a well respected security expert and will be looking across a range of security areas including e-discovery, NAC, HSM, convergence, application code security, SCADA, DRM and cloud security.

I will continue to cover the overall security story and will focus on a number of areas including encryption, DLP, DRM, EDP, application code security, compliance and regulations, database and storage security, threat management, forensics and malware.

The security team at Bloor Research has significant depth and breadth of skills. Coupled with input from Peter Howes who heads up the compliance practice at Bloor Research and Alan Bates, an associate analyst with many years experience as a senior security practitioner in the finance sector we are well positioned to offer seasoned advice and insight for our clients.

The security industry is set for some interesting times, and we at Bloor Research are looking forward to telling the whole security story alongside our special interest in information governance.