The importance of saving Bletchley Park

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Bletchley Park, the home of the WW2 code breakers, has been
in the news over the past couple of days as a group of notables have written to
The Times complaining about the state of the historical site.

I for one, with a keen interest in cryptography, electronics
and radio, had the pleasure of visiting the site whilst on business a couple of
months ago. Touring the various huts and getting the story of Bletchley Park
brought to life by a guide was awe inspiring as was the demonstration of the early
electro mechanical computers that helped bring forward the end of the war by 2

Unfortunately it would seem that those that hold the purse
strings are more interested in funding a 2 week running and jumping festival for
a bunch of obsessive’s in 4 years time than celebrating our magnificent
heritage at Bletchley Park.

I heartily recommend that anyone with an interest in real
history visits Bletchley Park and helps us retain this remarkable site. Full
details can be found on the Bletchley Park web site I
have no connection to the place other than a passion to see it supported into
the future.