SNAPping with GlobeRanger

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Those of you who have been involved in initial pilots and multi-site deployments involving fairly standard and unvarying workflows know that that some of today’s RFID Middleware is like a sledgehammer to crack a nut! I was therefore pleasantly surprised to hear from Michael Becker, Director of Marketing at GlobeRanger Inc, that they have released a solution to this problem with the introduction of SNAP (Smart Network Appliance Product).

So what is SNAP? SNAP is built on the GlobeRanger proven iMotion platform. It provides comprehensive workflow and process management support at the edge of enterprise so that there is no need to route data back to back-end applications. SNAP also allows installations to be managed remotely, which means that companies can configure and update applications instantly across their networks. The product does provide what GlobeRanger describes as easy connection to back-end systems. There was not enough details for me to confirm just what “easy” means—so watch this space for a more detailed review of SNAP.

Becker said “SNAP is suited for rapid deployments at small, remote and multi-site deployments with limited IT support and tight budgets. It is ideally suited for the following environments: Retail Outlets; Pharmacy Chains; Branch Office Locations; and Small Satellite Warehouses.”

I will admit that I am a fan of GlobeRanger and their iMotion product, and this seems to be a clever add-on to this platform to support rapid deployment. More details to follow once I get them.