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I jave just received 3 announcements from AeroScout, one of the leading RTLS vendors in the market that I thought I would share with you all.

MobileView, their software suite for tracking, managing, alerting and integrating asset location and status data has a new version—4.0. Additional facilities include the ability to accept data from a variety of wireless data sources such as Active and Passive RFID sensors, as well as improved usability and redesigned look and feel. More details to follow once I have had a briefing from them.

On February 4th, AeroScout announced a partnership with Reva Systems to deliver a combined Active RFID and Passive RFID solution for enterprises. Reva Systems provide a gateway for Passive RFID data to AeroScout’s new MobileView 4.0 application, enabling customers to use it as a single platform to view and manage all enterprise assets, regardless of the asset being tracked or the technology used. This looks interesting, particularly with the increasing use of combined Active and Passive technology to solve business issues. For instance, linking an Active RFID tag on a container to the Passive RFID tags on items inside that container.

Also on February 4th, AeroScout announced its new Ultra-Wi-Fi line of products that enable asset tracking using both Wi-Fi and Ultra Wideband (UWB). The system was developed with partner Time Domain and features the industry’s only dual-mode tag that can be tracked with a standard Wi-Fi network across the enterprise while also adding the high precision and inches-level accuracy of UWB where it is required. Ultra-Wi-Fi products will be marketed and sold by both AeroScout and Time Domain and will be available through the companies’ channel partners. In addition, the companies have signed a distribution agreement that enables Time Domain to use the AeroScout Engine to determine UWB location, as a component of the Time Domain PLUS™ UWB system. The Ultra-Wi-Fi solution is currently installed with beta customers and will be available at the end of Q1.