Protegrity – offering the best of both worlds?

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There has been quite a debate recently about the pros and cons
of appliance based deployments of security solutions. For many it
makes complete sense to setup a single box to deal with a
particular aspect of their security, be it a firewall, intrusion
prevention system or one of the myriad of other security solutions
now available.

On the other hand many larger organisations prefer a software
based approach to their security architecture so they can configure
and build their own server based solution.

Some are even predicting that multiple appliances are an
environmental nightmare waiting to happen as inevitably they will
end up in land fill, despite new rules and regulations about
disposal of electronic devices. At least with a PC server there
maybe some hope that the box could be reused or redeployed for
another less stressful role, increasing its life span.

Protegrity Corporation
recently announced that their Defiance Threat Management System
(TMS) will be made available as either an appliance, software or a
combined installation. That way customers with particular
preferences can be catered for.

Web based threats are here to stay, and online applications
provide a constant source of tempting targets for hackers and
others out to steal, damage or destroy. Increasing legislation, for
example PCI-DSS focused on the world of credit card merchants and
providers, now puts the onus of responsibility onto the retailer to
provide a secure operating environment for credit card users.

The rise in “card holder not present” fraud has concentrated
minds further, especially as responsibility for accepting these
fraudulent transactions has been firmly laid at the door of the

Any solution that makes the implementation of secure trading
systems easier has to be good, and offering a flexible deployment
option such as that from Protegrity has to be good news for all
those suffering this security headache.