OATSystems release Asset Tracking RFID application

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OATSystems announced on September 18th 2007 the commercial availability of RFID Asset Tracking and Work-in-Process solutions. These packaged applications enable manufacturers and retailers to improve asset visibility, asset utilization, work-in-process manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies.

Several companies, including Hewlett-Packard and Tesco, have successfully implemented OAT Asset Tracking solutions:

  • Hewlett-Packard Brazil, who manufacturers millions of printers annually, estimates that OAT’s Asset Tracking solution has reduced its product inventory by 17%, while improving order efficiency.
  • Tesco, UK’s largest retailer is using OATSystems’ Asset Tracking solution to error-proof inventory shipments from its distribution centres to stores.

    OAT Asset Tracking solutions allow the user to associate detailed attributes to each asset (such as part number, expiration date, order date, order number, value) to enable the tracking of perishable items, component parts and tools, as well as reusable assets (totes, roll cages) and their specific contents. Automatic notifications alert the user to potential exceptions; for instance, when items do not meet checkpoint criteria, are due to expire, or are associated with a critical work order. Alerts can be configured to mirror specific process flows, enabling the user to track and locate assets across the network.

    OAT Asset Tracking Solutions enable the user to track and locate specific orders and their contents, from the loading dock to the receiving dock. RFID readers placed at shipping and receiving docks automatically track tagged goods, eliminating manual data errors and providing proof of delivery. Orders and order contents can be associated with shipping containers, reusable totes and roll cages. Configurable alerts notify the user automatically before a mis-shipment occurs.

    OAT is taking asset tracking and work-in-process solutions to market through channel partners including Avery Dennison, Domino ISG, IBM, Miles Technologies, Rush Tracking Systems and Tyco Electronics.