Fair Isaac announce 2 new releases for the BRMS and BPMS market

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At the end of August, Fair Isaac Corporation, an analytics and decision management technology provider, made 2 announcements concerning the release Blaze Advisor 6.5 for .NET and Model Builder 3.6

Blaze Advisor 6.5 for .NET

This latest offering was jointly developed with Microsoft and is further evidence of Microsoft’s Business Process Alliance rapid progress. Blaze Advisor enables non-programmers to design, deploy, execute and maintain business rules and policies as part of an automated business application. This new version of the .NET product allows businesses to modernize existing applications and deploy new services to their enterprise systems by leveraging a shared repository of rules and analytics, and a common development environment across different platforms and programming languages.

The following facilities are provided:

  • Increased Accuracy and Reliability: New capabilities in version 6.5 allow business users to better verify and validate the completeness and consistency of rules across the rules lifecycle, significantly increasing the accuracy and reliability of the inferencing process. Blaze Advisor 6.5 for .NET also features support for business rules unit and regression testing to validate rules.
  • Deployment Platform for Predictive Models: Version 6.5 includes tight integration with Model Builder for Predictive Analytics 3.6, Fair Isaac’s software platform for developing and deploying predictive models. This allows for the swift and flexible application of analytics as an essential decision element, helping businesses maximize the precision of every decision.
  • Rapid Application Development: Version 6.5 also integrates with SmartForms, Blaze-Advisor technology that enables users to create smart, interactive data and logic-aware web applications with ease.
  • Support for Microsoft Technologies: Microsoft-specific functionality in Blaze Advisor 6.5 for .NET includes support for .NET Framework versions 2.0 and 3.0, Internet Explorer 7 and the Windows Vista operating system. Blaze Advisor 6.5 for .NET also introduces support for x64, allowing business rules to be deployed on 64-bit Microsoft architectures.

Model Builder 3.6 for Predictive Analytics

The latest release of Fair Isaac’s software platform for developing and deploying predictive models and analytic technologies enables businesses to streamline the model development process, significantly reducing the time required to analyze data, build powerful models and deploy automated, more profitable decision strategies. Model Builder allows analysts to quickly define and test predictive models, and deploy them to production systems without recoding by programmers.

Main technical enhancements to Model Builder 3.6 include:

  • A data import wizard to accelerate the process of importing data into Model Builder’s native format from a variety of common sources, including fixed-width and delimited text and SAS datasets.
  • An automated dataset analysis routine that summarizes essential facts about the data to help users quickly and easily assess data quality.
  • An easily configured sampling and partitioning activity that allows users to intelligently sample down large datasets, append sample weights to records, and partition data into training and testing groups, without any advanced coding.
  • A scorecard creation wizard that makes building a new scorecard faster and easier than ever before, while continuing to provide users the deep flexibility they need to fine-tune model training parameters and constraints.

The base Model Builder application provides the framework for analyzing data and deploying models. Innovations Modules, including the Scorecard, Segmentation ART and Data Spiders modules integrate with Model Builder to deliver advanced analytic technologies for building scorecard models, identifying optimal population segments for modelling and automating the discovery of predictive variables from transaction data. Predictive models can be directly deployed within Fair Isaac’s Blaze Advisor business rules flows.

Fair Isaac is worth looking at if you have complex business rules. The new features in Model Builder certainly show a clear direction to provide estensive support for complex business rules modelling. The New Blaze Advisor for .NET is an important addition to the BPMS marketplace for Microsoft based customers.