Wi-Fi-based RFID improves elderly care

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I came across this title in the latest RFID Journal wire I received. It was all about PresCare, an Australian provider of elderly care, who are using a Wi-Fi-based RFID system to enable residents to quickly and easily call for help when they need it. The medical alerting system notifies caregivers any time a resident wanders into a dangerous area or hasn’t moved for a long time, indicating they might need help.

PresCare operates five facilities and two community centers in Queensland. The company is using active tags and related hardware and software from AeroScout.

PresCare began implementing the RTLS in mid-January at its Mount Tamborine site, and has been running it since the beginning of February. About 100 tags are in use, affixed to lanyards that can be worn around the neck. The tags are water-resistant and feature large, easy-to-find call buttons that residents can press when they are in trouble or need assistance. PresCare staff also wear the tags so they can easily issue an emergency alert.