IDS Scheer – new releases

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On August 30th 2007, IDS Scheer announced two new versions of its ARIS Process Performance Manager and ARIS Performance Dashboard solutions.

The new ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) 4.1 offers organizations a comprehensive view of the performance of business processes by using objective indicators that work in tandem with a graphic representation of the actual process structure. This functionality combines traditional performance indicator controlling with process management.

ARIS Performance Dashboard 4.1, developed on the framework of Adobe Flex 2, provides user-friendly monitoring results that meet key management requirements. The combination of process maps with the representation of associated performance indicators provides an intuitive overview of the company’s current performance situation. Offering a unique interactive GUI, the new product even gives the occasional user the capability to navigate from an aggregated overview to the causes of target deviations, thereby offering detailed knowledge of the situation. The user can make interactive changes to the structure of the dashboard, directly via the user interface, and adjust the display type and layout in a matter of minutes. External information, such as maps, can easily be combined with the data and integrated into the corporate portal. The Advanced Analysis module uses automated analysis processes to support process managers in an accelerated search for significant examples and procedures with high optimization potential. User-friendly wizards ensure the efficient execution of analyses to uncover hidden weaknesses and optimization potential, such as the identification of anomalies, wide fluctuation margins or combinations (e.g. region, customer group, products etc.) with deviations from plans.

IDS Scheer provides Business Process Management (BPM) software, solutions and services for corporations and public organizations worldwide. It is a Microsoft Business Process Alliance partner, as well as partnering with SAP. The ARIS Platform for Process Excellence provides an integrated solution portfolio for the strategy, design, implementation and controlling of business processes. The company has circa 2,800 employees in over 70 countries supporting some 6,000 customers.