Metro move from pilot to deployment with Reva RFID Solution

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A Reva Systems press release brings news of a major RFID production deployment at METRO Group grocery stores and distribution centers in Germany. The system will record RFID data as pallets of product arrive at 200 stores and distribution centers, using the Reva TAP (tag-acquisition processor) reader network-manager product. METRO Group has been a leader in piloting RFID technology in Europe. This production roll-out represents the end of their RFID piloting efforts and the beginning of a large-scale RFID technology infrastructure build-out.

The METRO Group RFID system will use pallet-level tags to provide proof-of-delivery of items at the store. The Reva TAP technology will allow real-time decisions to be made at this point, based upon instructions from the corporate IT backbone. For example, a person receiving a pallet might be given a real-time alert to move that pallet directly to the sales floor for promotions. It is the real-time decision-making and notification element that distinguishes the METRO Group deployment from traditional RFID supply-chain applications. It combines traditional pallet-level supply-chain RFID data collection with real-time decision-making algorithms.