Vista? Just say no?

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I finally got around to upgrading my laptop as the previous incumbent was starting to be a pain (quite literally) when travelling. I only need to use email and some basic office software so the computing power of a bank trading system was hardly needed.

My key criteria was the lightest weight I could afford.

Finding the laptop was quite easy, following some research online and a trip to Tottenham Court Road. I was then faced with a more serious decision, and that was the choice of operating system.

Now, as an analyst, people expect me to be a bit of a dweeb and have all the latest gadgets and gizmos to demonstrate my coolness. Well unfortunately I am about as cool as the centre of the sun and don’t possess any sort of MP3 player and own the most basic mobile phone available.

At the time of buying this laptop I was in the middle of a big project that necessitated 100% focus and little time for any sort of distraction. The last thing I wanted was the disruption, pain and agony of a new operating system. After all, despite what the marketers tell you upgrading to a new OS is a major challenge. In some respects I was a microscopic version of a corporate, having to make a decision on how to upgrade my hardware with as little pain as possible.

So I decided to stick with Windows XP SP2 and avoid Vista altogether. I just couldn’t face the change. Unlike the millions of customers that Microsoft allege are buying Vista on either new PCs or upgrades.

Did I make the right decision? Well I had no problems with the setup of my PC and was productive from day 1.

And at that moment in time that is all I cared about.