Inside Sex Show

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This is the time of year when European based security analysts are at their most frenzied as next week marks the 3 days of the InfoSecurity Show, or InfoSec for short.

Of course I will be attending, and have had my three days filled with vendor briefings for a few weeks now. Hopefully I will also get a chance to wander around the stands and take in the atmosphere.

Quite often these shows appear to be a giant inter-trade pitch, as small innovative companies try and get noticed by the big boys who may have some cash to spend on one or two acquisitions.

So next week I will try and get some relevant and timely blogs and commentary out as and when I can.

Oh by the way, the Inside Sex Show was as a result of a garbled message taken by a colleague and emailed to me. Apparently one of the PR companies called and asked to speak to me about the “Inside Sex Show” next week. Unfortunately I have not been invited to that, instead I will be going to the InfoSec Show.

Ho Hum.