InfoSec Show or DataSec Show?

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Maybe InfoSec should be rechristened the database security show?

There appear to be more and more vendors now focussed on securing the good old database by offering tools that layer onto an existing RDBMS, monitoring who is doing what and when and then taking, if needed, appropriate action.

A interesting player in the market for enhanced data security is Protegrity ( are busy extending their portfolio of products by aggressive acquisition, development and enhancement. They now have an interesting suite of products that starts to deliver on this vision we have all been clamouring for – single management of all my security estate. Tough gig, but if they can crack it then good luck to them.

One aspect of InfoSec I really enjoy is dodging the vendors that like to thrust a gamut of DVDs and paperwork in your hand as you rush by to yet another briefing. I normally manage to avoid collecting too much (especially since I have just come back from Egypt, and escaping the street sales people became a fine art) but for once I was actually caught.

So there you have it, another day at DataSec.

Let’s see what day 3 brings.