InfoSec Show Day 1 Scores a Hit

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Day 1 of InfoSec, the Information Security Show held in London’s Olympia venue, was going to be an interesting experience from the start.

The immediate impression was that the show was bigger this year than last. Either more vendors have decided to spend and have a presence or the market for IT security products may be expanding. Despite comments last year that that the industry may be consolidating the show appears to demonstrate that more and more companies are emerging with innovative solutions.

A common theme emerging is that the threats we are facing are getting more and more sophisticated and organisations need to be more switched onto IT security than ever before. This includes the business as well as the techies.

Relying on an overworked IT team to manage yet more security risks is now untenable.

Luckily vendors are improving their offerings across the board to help make it easier to deal with emerging threats. A lot of effort is now being focused inside the firewall as corporates are being forced to come to terms with those inside the organisation that may pose a security risk.

That said the old favourites of spam, viruses and malware are ever present.

Vendors are doing what they can to address this perennial problem. An interesting company is Marshal, headquartered in the UK. Celebrating their anniversary with a rather splendid cake the company announced the availability of their Managed Security Service and Security Appliance. Having been bought by NetIQ, and subsequently sold on after a couple of years following a management buy out the energetic company is eager to prove its single code base/easier to deploy solution for secure email and gateways will be a success.

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