PC Plod’s PCs Plundered

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So the company responsible for processing pay and pensions for
the Metropolitan Police was burgled the other day and 3 laptops
stolen, along with payroll details.

Thankfully it looks as if this was a bog standard commercial
premises burglary and at least one person is helping police with
their enquiries. There was no details on the state of the PCs (the
laptops that is) and whether they had the data encrypted or secured
on the hard disk.

Of more concern to the Met must be the fact that private details
of officers could be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes,
especially for officers deployed on sensitive operations. The
involvement of the Specialist Crime Directorate should give you an
idea how seriously the Met are taking this crime.

On another note I wonder if the laptops were secured with
locking devices and what the state of the building security