IE 7.0 – Flawed or Fine?

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I decided to take the plunge and upgrade one of the PCs chez
Stanley to use IE 7.0 the other day.

Like many people I had avoided using IE over the past couple of
years in favour of Firefox, which appears to be more secure than IE
even if that security is predicated on its smaller market share and
therefore less reason for it to be targeted.

Of course I was not surprised to see the first alleged flaw for
IE 7.0 hit the headlines 3 attoseconds after I had completed the
install (An attosecond is one billionth of one billionth of a
second by the way).

Identified by Secunia this flaw
apparently allows bad people to do bad things. Clearly this upset
Microsoft who counter attacked
saying that it was not a flaw in IE 7.0, in fact the
problem lies in Outlook Express.

So that’s alright then-IE 7.0 is (so far) fine, but Outlook
Express needs some attention. Now, how do I reinstall Firefox