Fred and Freda – you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

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Following on from the blog I did a while back on data
theft from Indian call centres
, this piece here,
highlighted on the Beeb’s web site, shows how the problem is
rearing its head in UK-based operations.

With high staff turnover and sometimes questionable working
practices it would seem that criminals have decided call centre
operators are easy targets for a bit of arm twisting (actual or
metaphorical) to pursuade them to release customer data.

No matter how good your IPS, IDS or any other TLA you happen to
have installed in your operation, security will most always come
down to the person at the key board. The growth in appliances full
up with smarts to detect abnormal inside behaviour go some way to
mitigate this, but at the end of the day Fred or Freda is your
weakest link.