Kicking down the CxO Door

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Anyone familiar with any of the spate of reality TV cop shows will be only too aware of the kicking down doors that often accompanies raids on the local villains house (or “drum” in Sweeny talk). In fact this process has now been formalised under the heading “Methods of Entry”, the method chosen being dependent on the state of the villains door.

When it comes to IT security one of the biggest challenges must be getting the support of the CxO team for the implementation of processes, training and products to lock down your computing. Many IT security implementers are frustrated by the response they get from their executive—ranging from nonchalance through to tepid interest. Enthusiasm is rare.

The challenge for IT experts is to bridge the gap between the technology and the business, clearly translating the business objectives into security related actions. For someone more happy speaking SSL than ROI this can prove tough.

Over the coming weeks I will be looking at ways in which the CxO team can be brought on board with IT security, and hopefully passing on some ideas and tips to help you break down the CxO’s door.