Reducing the risk of development failure

with cost-effective capture and management of requirements

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Date: 18th July, 2013
Format: White Paper

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Requirements management has been around for a long time as a systems engineering discipline, but it’s suddenly getting interesting again, in a wider field. With the rise of DevOps, mobile app development and Smarter Computing and with a new focus on Systems Engineering, Requirements Management is being recognised as an enabler for success with some exciting innovations in these areas. It also has a part to play in satisfying the emerging focus on regulatory requirements.

Requirements management starts with capturing and prioritising useful requirements. It’s not so much about developing automated business and embedded systems right (we have more-or-less formalised engineering processes and tools to help us do that), it’s about ensuring that the right systems are delivered (i.e. it’s all about ensuring that what is delivered is in line with business strategy, product vision etc.).