Medium-scale analytic data marts and warehouses

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Date: 7th September, 2009
Format: Market Update

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This paper covers medium-scale analytic data marts and warehouses. That is, environments where there is a substantial requirement for complex and/or unpredictable queries but not things like master data management or operational BI (or only to a limited extent). Note that not all of the vendors included in this paper have the ability to scale all the way up to 50Tb. For example, Kickfire is currently limited to 10Tb. More details of scalability limits are provided in the Market Report associated with this update. Note that neither SAP nor HP appear in this update. In the former case this is because we do not think that you would deploy SAP BW for an analytic data mart unless you are already deploying SAP BW as your enterprise data warehouse, in the latter case it is because HP is specifically targeting EDWs rather than data marts.