IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics vs Oracle Exadata X3

Cover from IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics vs Oracle Exadata X3

Date: 25th March, 2013
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This paper is organised into two parts: this section, together with the conclusion, is intended for executives who have no or limited technical knowledge or interest, and the remainder of the paper, which is intended for the more technically minded. Information in this section, in particular, is duplicated in the remainder of the paper, though we go into more detail there.

The basic theme of this paper is to provide a comprehensive comparison of IBM's and Oracle's offerings for large-scale traditional data warehousing environments. These environments run to thousands of concurrent queries, a large proportion of which (up to 80% typically) are simple look-up queries. These are combined with more complex analytics, which means that maintaining a balance between these different query types is especially important in these environments. In addition, there is significant demand for near real-time views of operational data held within the data warehouse and for real-time analytics, which requires the ability to load data into the warehouse on a continuous basis. In the case of IBM this means IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics and, in the case of Oracle, Exadata 3-2.

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