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Last Updated: 26th May, 2017
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Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks (which is listed on NYSE), develops and markets The Trillium Software System. This includes both data quality and profiling and discovery options, which are marketed and sold both in conjunction and individually. There are also a number of supporting offerings that together provide a broad data governance solution.  The company has its headquarters in Massachusetts and also has offices in the UK (covering EMEA), Germany and Australia.

The Trillium Software System

Last Updated: 21st July, 2014

Trillium Software is a long-time leading vendor in the data quality and data governance sector with a history of success in helping organisations solve critical data quality issues. Trillium Software’s technology is both scalable and designed to solve any industry-specific data quality challenge.

During a typical implementation of the Trillium Software System, users first deploy the data profiling and discovery module to identify quality problems and issues and/or to discover relationships that exist, both within and across data sources. The latter is important in supporting data migration and archiving projects as well as MDM (master data management) implementations.

Users then deploy the data quality module to apply pre-defined or custom-built data quality rules and processes that cleanse, standardise, de-duplicate and enrich data. The data quality module runs batch or real-time processes and deploys on premise or in the cloud for easy enterprise scalability.  

Once data quality processes are in place, the Data Profiling tools provide IT and business users with detailed reports about the current state of data quality across the organisation.

The Trillium Software System’s architecture allows it to integrate with several third party application environments, including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

The Trillium Software System also integrates with the Collibra Data Governance Center, which is a specialised offering that manages the processes involved in data governance and that provides a business glossary.

Trillium Software leverages direct and indirect sales channels to maintain a strong global presence. The organisation has offices in North America and Europe, as well as an expansive reseller network across EMEA, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

Trillium Software also has strong relationships with other technology suppliers, especially data integration vendors (Ab Initio, Scribe, Syncsort and so on), MDM suppliers (Teradata, Riversand and TIBCO), and business intelligence vendors (Tableau and QlikTech).

Perhaps of most interest is the company’s partnership with Collibra, as the latter specialises in managing data governance processes which, in combination with the Trillium Software System, provide an especially complete data governance offering. The integration links business policies and data quality, and provides an ability to implement, monitor, control and measure data governance programmes to improve business efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally, Trillium has partnerships with a large number of systems integrators.

Trillium Software has over a thousand active customers worldwide. Many of the company’s clients include industry-leading organisations in banking, insurance, retail, travel, and healthcare and the company offers a number of industry-specific solutions and capabilities. In particular, it offers self-service Data Assurance Solutions that empower business stakeholders to take control of mission-critical data across their organisation, enabling them to improve essential business processes, comply with complex regulations, identify unforeseen risks and pinpoint emerging threats to their performance. These Solutions blend industry-leading technology, subject matter expertise and content to deliver business value (in approximately 90 days, according to Trillium Software) with minimal involvement from IT.

Trillium’s Solutions accelerate compliance with many of today's data-centric regulatory regimes, including Basel II/III, CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review), and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), among others. Trillium’s Solutions also empower insurance claims professionals to access and analyse their full universe of claims data, including free-form text and scanned documents, to gain insights that drive customer retention, cost savings and operational efficiency.

Trillium Software was one of the first data profiling products in the data quality market, and it remains a market-leading tool with rich functionality. While leading data quality vendors all offer similar pure profiling capabilities that identify basic data errors, Trillium Software differentiates itself with facilities that identify relationships and matching keys, and performs overlap and precedence analysis. MDM implementations and database consolidations rely heavily on these profiling capabilities. The other important differentiator among profiling vendors is the quality of their data visualisation features to help users understand profiled data and discovered relationships. Trillium Software provides its own dashboard capabilities and also offers the chance to visualise results using one of its partner BI tools.

Trillium Software’s data quality processes support all data domains, and its parser can analyse and remediate both structured and unstructured data. In the case of product data in particular this is important because it represents challenges, such as the ability to parse text fields that are not common for other types of data. Trillium Software’s data quality module also subscribes to postal directories for over 200 countries and regions and can correct partial or full address data to reflect local postal standards and validate against locally authorised sources, resulting in certified deliverable addresses.

Trillium Software’s case management module provides a collaboration portal and workflow management capabilities that enable data stewards to assign and manage data quality/governance tasks to improve communication, transparency, and accountability across large, dispersed stakeholder groups. The case management module’s automated, transparent workflows help data quality teams increase operational efficiency, enhance regulatory compliance programs, and grow data quality and data governance programs across the organisation.

Finally, Trillium offers specific data assurance solutions that support a number of regulatory requirements, including Basel II/III, CCAR (comprehensive capital analysis and review), Legal Entity Identifiers, FATCA (foreign account tax compliance act), and Claims Data Quality.

Trillium’s consultants offer best practice advisory services and vertical-specific subject matter expertise gleaned from over two decades helping organisations across multiple industries solve mission-critical data quality problems.Trillium provides both technical and strategic consulting services that support the design and implementation of successful data quality projects and sustainable data management strategies.

Trillium’s own data governance framework helps organisations to identify data quality process issues and quickly implement suitable processes and workflows.


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