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Written By: Nigel Stanley
Published: 21st April, 2010
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History was made the other evening when the UK's three wannabe prime ministers took centre stage for a TV debate. This was the culmination of weeks of rehearsals, practice runs and body language training.

But what if I then tell you that every mobile phone call made by one of the campaign teams preparing for this TV event was secretly recorded and analysed, enabling their rival to understand everything from the campaign strategy through to the likely rebuttal to a particular question?

Illegal? Of course. Farfetched? No longer.

The past few months has seen the mobile phone industry thrown into turmoil as the computer hacking community has carried out successful attacks against mobile phone call security. I wrote an article about such a hack a while back, but at that point it remained a theory rather than a practical way to listen into mobile phone calls.

In this article I commented that the best way of getting access to mobile phone calls was to setup a fake base station, something that has historically been difficult and expensive. Little did I know that within 4 months we would have a practical mobile phone hacking kit, using off the shelf equipment and a fake base station, for around

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