CA Application Quality Management and Testing Tools

Date: 28th March, 2008
Format: White Paper

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This white paper examines CA's family of application quality assurance and testing tools (its AQM&TT product set).

It looks at CA's ground-level developer-oriented toolset—CA InterTest, CA SymDump, and CA File Master Plus—and how these tools, together with its application performance management products, provide a complete solution for ensuring application quality. It looks at how new technology delivered in IBM CICS Transaction Server 3.1 and the recently released IBM CICS Transaction Server 3.2 can be leveraged to improve application quality generally and to extend mainframe applications within a SOA environment.

It examines the automation of mainframe application performance management with TRILOGexpert TriTune1 and TRILOGexpert APC for TriTune with Performance Desktop and the opportunities for proactively identifying problems before they affect production. It emphasises the importance of root cause analysis to identify the issues resulting in excessive demands for production resources. It monitors the symptoms of potential problems 24x7 and reduces a bewildering mass of “quota exceeded” “timeout” “threshold exceeded” error and warning messages to a few simple causes that can be addressed in a straightforward manner.

An important focus is on the integration of the APC for TriTune with Performance Desktop with CA Wily Introscope in order to provide a coherent picture across both z/OS application layer performance management and also web application performance analysis.

Finally, it wraps up with a description of how automated application quality is fundamental to the delivery of the service levels and managed risks that are essential to delivering business outcomes you can depend on.

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