Artisan Studio

a standards-based tool for Systems and Software Engineering

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Date: 14th August, 2009
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Artisan Studio is a standards-based, graphical, systems and software engineering tool which, in our view, caters well for large distributed teams working on mission-critical and safetycritical projects involving the integration of software, hardware and human process.

However, in order to fully appreciate this tool, it is important that its potential users understand the concept of Systems Engineering (SE) and how it differs from merely writing computer programs. In essence, Systems Engineering starts with understanding a business-level problem and its context, independently of any automated solution, and works forward to implementing human processes, software and hardware which together solve the problem by means of "Systems of Systems" (SoS). In contrast to SoS, conventional development only deals with one simple, usually computerised, system; SoS are much harder to comprehend and manage without effective modelling.