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Last Updated: 3rd November, 2015
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Lyngsoe Systems was originally founded as a division of Søren T. Lyngsø AS and developed automated solutions within the areas of energy, environment, marine and industry, as well as producing computer electronics. In 1994, a management buy-out occured. In 1999. Lyngsoe set up a sales and service office in Frederick, Maryland, USA. The following year, the company invested in Net-Mill International AS, a company specialising in the mobile Internet. An office was opened in Toronto, Canada through the acquisition of two local RFID technology companies, and Toronto is now an RFID R&D and manufacturing facility for the company. In 2009 Lyngsoe acquired FKI Logistex Library and Codeco businesses. In 2014 CatCap acquired a majority stake in Lyngsoe Systems. 

Lyngsoe Systems provide the following solutions, all of which makes use of RFID:

  • Postal logistics - identifies bottlenecks and increases visibility and capacity within postal logistics flows and processes. 
  • Airport solutions - covering bag tracking, Trolley Tracking and Management, and Passenger service (around passenger tracking for late gate arrival.
  • Supply Chain solutions covering Warehouse management, track and trace for food industry, and Asset management.
  • Controls Solutions - solutions from basic conveyor control systems to complex turn-key logistic IT solutions.
  • Library solution - Automated material handling (AMH) for libraries

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