Last Updated: 11th February, 2013
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Imation is a scalable storage and data security company, with relationships with mass merchants, big box retailers, OEMs and VARs. It has facilities in over 35 countries and capabilities to reach customers in more than 100 countries.

Imation's products include tiered storage and security offerings for business; and also products for managing home audio and video content.

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Last Updated: 11th February, 2013

Needs review and update: Nexsan provides enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient storage solutions, stressing value for money and energy efficiency-in some cases, it claims to provide up to 87% better efficiency when compared to competing solutions.

Needs review and update: Nexsan has solutions in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Public Sector, Science and Engineering sectors and targets medium-sized businesses and mid-tier deployments in large organizations. 

It has developed what it says is a different kind of global partner network, putting partners are first and foremost in its go-to-market strategy. Nexsan is proud of its select group of industry leading Solution Providers, Technology Partners and OEMS within its partner ecosystem.

Needs review and update: Prior to the Imation takeover, at least, Nexsan didn't have direct customers. It sells through a global network of VARs, OEMs and system integrators, and and has deployed more than 27,000 systems in more than 60 countries around the world-all provided to customers at a fraction of the cost exacted by other traditional disk-based storage solutions.

Needs review and update: Nexsan storage solutions are designed for a broad range of applications- including fixed content storage and archiving, email, medical imaging, compliance and litigation support, disk-based backup, digital video security and rich media, as well as tier-1 database applications. Its RAID, ATA and SATA disk technologies can handle the storage needs of companies of all sizes, but it says that its products are particularly suited for medium-sized businesses and mid-tier deployments in large organizations. In addition, all Nexsan products use its "green" AutoMAID® energy-saving technology, ideal for low power consumption and space-constrained environments.

Needs review and update:

Nexsan offers a range of support options:

  • The Standard Warranty includes free firmware and software updates (bug fixes, minor releases) and covers all Nexsan supplied hardware components. Once a Return Material Authorization (RMA) is issued, replacement components are advance-shipped within one business day. An RMA can be obtained by phone, fax, or email. Warranty period varies by product. 
  • Nexsan customers who prefer to perform simple hardware replacement themselves and do not need 24x7 care choose Basic support. As needed, replacement parts are advance-shipped within one business day of diagnosis of a hardware fault. Basic support includes Nexsan Technical Support by phone and email during standard Nexsan Business Hours. Software upgrades are available for an additional charge. Software/Firmware Updates are free. Nexsan E-Series, SATABoy and SATABeast RAID products include Basic Support with the Standard Warranty.
  • Nexsan customers who want to simplify maintenance and ensure overall system availability choose Nexsan Enterprise support for an enhanced level of service. It includes 24x7 phone and email support, as well as next-business-day onsite hardware replacement, following diagnosis of a hardware issue. Upgrades are available for an additional charge. Software/firmware updates are free. (Note: onsite support is not available on Nexsan holidays. See for details)
  • Nexsan customers who require infrastructure operation 24x7x365 choose Premium support for fast, 24x7 response and onsite hardware replacement. Once a hardware issue is diagnosed by phone, a Nexsan Technical Engineer arrives onsite, within 4 hours, if needed. Premium support also offers enhanced response times to software support issues and an exclusive support hotline for around-the-clock access. Software/firmware updates and upgrades are included.
  • Nexsan NST5000 Concierge support offers proactive managed services to ensure your Nexsan storage is always in peak operating condition. In addition to the features of the Premium support program you receive 24x7 hardware monitoring and automatic dispatch. Your assigned Technical Account Manager is intimately familiar with your installation and can provide rapid answers to questions. Nexsan conducts monthly health checks to keep your system in peak condition, as well as capacity and performance reviews twice a year. 

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