Last Updated: 8th February, 2013
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GlobeRanger Corp. is an RFID software and solutions company founded in 1999. The company initially entered into the RFID Middleware market but as with many of its competitors has, since 2000, developed a series of RFID applications based on its RFID Middleware Platform. GlobeRanger powers some of the largest RFID production deployments in the world including the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency and Flora Holland.

GlobeRanger has a relationship with Microsoft that is interesting - it exploits the good things in the Microsoft portfolio without falling into blind adherence. This is a company  that has the potential to really go somewhere, but it needs to look carefully at how to work more effectively outside of the USA.

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Last Updated: 8th February, 2013

iMotion is a sophisticated RFID Middleware product. GlobeRanger refers to iMotion as Edgeware, as it provides communication from the edge of an enterprise (reader, handheld, etc.) to core applications by translating the raw data coming from the edge into relevant business context (intelligence) that can automatically integrate with back-end systems.

The iMotion 5.2 platform separates business logic from device management. All device management occurs within the Edge Device Management (EDM) architecture where devices are configured and monitored, while business logic and context is applied within the Edge Process Management (EPM) architecture.

GlobeRanger is based in the USA. Customers outside the USA are serviced through its Integration Partners.

iMotion can be purchased direct from GlobeRanger. It has also recently introduced a new a cloud version - iMotion Stratus. Outside of the USA, GloveRanger integration partners can also be used to purchase the product as part of the services offerings they provide.

The iMotion platform consists of:

  • Edge Device Manager: supports an array of edge devices such as fixed and handheld readers, printers, motion detectors, light and temperature sensors, LED displays, voice recordings etc, and provides support for RFID devices and other devices, such as barcode scanners, light stacks, photo eyes and handheld computers.
  • Edge Process Manager: interprets edge events in a business context, providing the critical link between edge devices and business applications.
  • Event Workflow Editor: iMotion expresses business logic as Visual Event Workflows. Workflows are created by selecting business logic components from a palette, dropping them on a canvas, and connecting them to indicate event processing flow.
  • Visual Device Emulator: allows the user to simulate and test tag ID read events by emulating the placement of readers, antennas and binary devices without having to actually deploy those devices.
  • iMotion SDK: includes abstract classes and Microsoft Visual Studio extensions, so as to create Workflow Components.
  • Visual Management and Monitoring tools: iMotion includes a set of visual tools for configuration and monitoring of deployed solutions. They include the Edge Management Console (EMC) and Monitoring Dashboard.

iMotion  software architecture 

Figure 1: The iMotion software architecture (Source; GlobeRanger)

The iMotion platform is based on Microsoft.Net platform.

The GlobeRanger Solution Services (GSS) team, works on its own, or in tandem with GlobeRanger's partners.

GlobeRanger has a number of Integration partner. These include: Allure RFID BV, Atos Origin, Booz Allen Hamilton, CDO Technologies, IDentiTRAK Technologies, Intellident, Northrop Grumman Corporation, SRA International and its subsidiaries, SAIC, Unisys, Venture Research, Inc. XIO Strategies and Zebra Enterprise Solutions.

GlobeRanger offers a series of customizable classes designed to give its partners and customers the skills to develop solutions based on the iMotion Edgeware Platform. Courses cover a wide range of topics, from RFID basics to best practices in applications design. Classes are structured around a combination of hands on exercises and labs, using relevant case studies, allowing attendees to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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