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Last Updated: 10th September, 2015
Analyst Coverage: Simon Holloway


BP Logix was initially founded in 1995. It is a privately-held company with its headquarters in San Diego. It started specialising in BPMS in 2004, focusing on providing a solution that incorporates collaboration and the managing of information flow at its core. In response to customer needs, it subsequently began to provide and manage electronic forms, then to address workflow, review and approval of documents. Product development has a key customer involvement through its use of a Customer Advisory Board, made up of representatives from major customers (current companies involved include ITT, Abbott Labs, DuPont and Starwood Hotels & Resorts). What differentiates BP Logix is that it is the first BPMS provider that I have come across that addresses the needs of time-based or activity-focused processes.

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Process Director

Last Updated: 31st January, 2013

Process Director is a standard BPMS that provides integrated reporting, workflow software, eForms, content management, dashboard, portal and application integration. There is support for standard BPMN style modelling of processes.

The big differential is the product's support for modeling the time dimension in its process models. Time is a critical element of the planning, management and improvement of business processes. Modelling the time dimension allows business users to gain additional control over their processes and creates the opportunity for predicting the impact on later stages in the process of changes introduced in the earlier stages. This predictive capability BP Logix has named Predictive BPM or pBPM. BP Logix see this approach as offering organisations more insight than before into their processes, providing the earliest possible notification of potential delays.

If you are looking at managing your business process, then Process Director is certainly a product that should be on your shortlist. I was impressed with its ease of use as well as its support for time-based processes.

BP Logix has 3 corporate offices supporting North America, EMEA and Japan.

Process Director can be purchased from BP Logix through its sales staff or through the web.

Process Director is built on the .NET Framework and its multi-language capability supports international localisation. There is support for customisation via an SDK.

The product can be deployed in a 3-tier data access environment, providing a separation between client access, business logic and database access. The client browser (tier 1) uses HTTP/HTML and AJAX to communicate with the server. The server business layer (tier 2) uses ADO.NET to access the database repository. The database can be either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Process Director provides built-in integration with many third-party and in-house applications and databases:

  • Scanners and imaging software
  • Windows file systems
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • ERP and CRM applications
  • SQL compliant databases
  • Email systems, such as MS Exchange Server, Outlook
  • Mobile devices, such as iPad, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry
  • Web portals, such as MS SharePoint, IBM WebSphere
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) products
  • Integration with web services using the SDK.

To support the new predictive concept (adding time as a dimension to process modeling), BP Logix has introduced a recently-patented technology that fuses Project Management methodologies with BPM, called Process Timelines. Business users design Process Timelines by answering two questions as they add each step to the process:

  • What must complete before this step can begin - the dependency question;
  • and, How long will this step take to complete - the duration question.

Each activity will begin as soon as its prerequisites, if any, are complete.

BP Logix provide maintenance support under its standard contract. In addition professional services and training can be purchased from it.

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