Trustwave Acquires Vericept

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Written By: Nigel Stanley
Published: 15th September, 2009
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News emerged the other day that Trustwave ( had acquired the data loss prevention (DLP) player Vericept.

The DLP market had gone a bit quiet over the past few months so when this news emerged I was pleased to see Vericept being snapped up.

The Vericept proposition has always been interesting.

They had hardly been modest in their marketing having branded themselves the "Recognized industry leader in data loss prevention". Vericept entered the world of DLP in 1999 and managed to secure their 700th DLP customer by 2006. Traditionally they had a very strong North American base, only starting in EMEA in 2008. In early 2005 they received $12.5m in funding followed by another $8m in 2008 so they had money to invest.

Following acquisitions over the past couple of years by some of the big players such as CA, Symantec and McAfee the DLP market became very short of independent DLP vendors that were worthy of an investment.

Now with Vericept gone that cupboard is looking even more bare.

This is unfortunate for other vendors that wanted a piece of the DLP action but were too slow to make a buy, and I am sure their tardiness will one day come around and bite them.

As for Trustwave, let's see how they get on with managing the integration. In this day and age people never want less security, and DLP is a major component of Enterprise Data Protection, as I have written about over the years.

So the market is there, Trustwave just need to execute well. I'll revisit this story early next year when the Bloor Research Data Leak Prevention Market Update is revised.

See the official release here:

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