The Mutable Enterprise

The hot topic today is “Digital Transformation” – in the singular. This seems to imply that once you have transformed into a "digital organisation" (usually with the help of new technology and some service integrator or consultancy, often at great expense) you have reached a “promised land” and everything will be hunky dory.

Here at Bloor, we are a bit cynical about this, although (of course) there is some value in the concept of "going digital". The big issue we often have, is that “going digital” is a business thing as much as a technology thing (technology is just an enabler) and once the business has done its transformation, it becomes addictive. Another transformation comes on its heels.

We have been thinking about this for some time and decided that the real transformation is when a traditional business becomes a Mutable Enterprise, a business in a state of constant change, in response to today’s constantly changing (and globalised) business environment ...

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