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Perforce Software

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Perforce Software sells, in essence, a highly scalable Configuration Management (CM) platform for collaborative development and protection of any type of intellectual property. Not just for software (Software Configuration Management) but for any type of digital asset including graphical assets and documentation.

Perforce was originally developed as a very tightly focussed, highly performing, SCM tool by Christopher Seiwald, then working on network development at Ingres (which became Action) and founder and still President & Chief Executive Officer of Perforce. Siewald pioneered a “developer-centric” model of software configuration management. For over 25 years he has been an industry thought-leader for SCM, Agile, continuous delivery and software development generally.

Its platform has developed to handle any type of asset, and too integrate with, and mange, many other tools (such as, for example, Git). It is used for some of the very biggest configuration management systems.

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Headquarters: Alameda, USA
Telephone: +1 510.864.7400


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