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Vertica was founded by Turing Award winner Michael Stonebraker and Andrew Palmer. It is now part of Micro Focus, itself acquired by OpenText in Q2 2023. Most recently, Vertica acquired Full 360 – a long-time strategic partner – to better support the (public) cloud and facilitate the creation of Vertica Accelerator, the company’s managed service offering.

Vertica operates as an independent entity within Micro Focus, with its own salesforce and support organisation, but leverages its parent company’s global reach and presence. Vertica is also embedded within a number of Micro Focus products as well as third-party vendors, including Domo, GoodData, Sky IT Group, Cerner, and others.


Company Info

Headquarters: 55 Blue Sky Dr, Suite 102, Burlington, MA 01803
Telephone: +1 844 260 7219


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