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SAS Institute, more commonly known just as SAS, is headquartered in North Carolina, and was founded in 1976. The company started life by offering the SAS System, a 4GL-based statistical package for financial and economic analysis, but the company has since expanded to offer a multi-faceted product set providing organisations with a complete information delivery system. This includes data warehousing, business analysis and analytical intelligence. In fact, the company provides all aspects of business intelligence functionality, except the hardware, for which SAS teams with partners: hardware vendors and systems integrators. In recent years the company has concentrated in developing vertically specific analytic solutions. The company has offices throughout the world.

Since its foundation SAS has expanded in an organic manner. However, that doesn’t mean that it has eschewed acquisitions altogether and, with particular reference to data governance and associated technologies, the company acquired DataFlux in 2000. DataFlux operated as an independent subsidiary of SAS for the following decade but has now been folded into SAS proper.

One final point to note about SAS is that it consistently invests a significant proportion of its revenues into R&D. Currently, this stands at around 25%. This emphasis on R&D, plus the company’s refusal to listen to the blandishments of the stock market (where short-term trends are more important than long-term profits), has meant that today SAS is, by some margin, the largest independent vendor to specialise in the business intelligence market.

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