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By tightly coupling data integration with business analytics, Pentaho brings together IT and business users to access, integrate, blend, visualize and analyze all data that impacts business results.

Our open source heritage drives continued innovation in a modern, unified, embeddable analytics platform that is purpose-built to save time and money.

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Headquarters: Suite 340, 5950 Hazeltine National Dr., FL, 32822, USA
Telephone: +1 407 812-6736

Cover for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

How does ML/AI work, who are the vendors and why you should care?
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Hitachi Vantara introduce automated management for machine learning models once they are in production

Automating the refinement of production machine learning is a significant step in the maturing of this technology.
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Pentaho and the development and maturing of business intelligence

A look at the journey that Pentaho have taken to develop the product to the level of its soon to be released Version 6,
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“Big Data” announcements

Companies are already making announcements ahead of next week's Strata conference.
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Managing the data asset with Pentaho

A look at the solution that Pentaho is putting in place to manage the data asset in a way that befits both the business and technology
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Pentaho 5.0, a look at how they believe they are enabling the future of analytics

Latest version of this popular open source BI tool examined
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Pentaho 4.8, a new release that focuses on Mobile BI and Big Data

Pentaho have a new release that continues to confirm them as a viable supplier on enterprise BI solutions
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