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OrientDB Ltd, the developer of OrientDB, was founded in the UK, in 2010. It was acquired by CallidusCloud in 2017, which was itself acquired by SAP at the beginning of 2018. SAP, of course, requires no introduction. However, it is worth noting that with this acquisition SAP now has two graph offerings: OrientDB and SAP HANA, the main differences being – from a graph perspective – that OrientDB is a multi-model database while HANA is (essentially) relational, and that OrientDB (mainly) uses an extended SQL for processing, while SAP on the HANA side is a supporter of the OpenCypher language. A statement of direction with respect to these offerings is expected during Q1 2019. However, all the indications are that OrientDB will not just continue to be marketed but will have more resources available to it.

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Headquarters: Unit 702, Salisbury House, London Wall, London EC2M 5QQ
Telephone: +1 888 953 9572


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SAP OrientDB

This paper discusses SAP OrientDB, an open source, multi-model database with extended property graph database capabilities.
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