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CA Technologies

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CA Technologies is a major publicly-held global software and services vendor, with a long history and several changes of focus and culture over its lifetime. It creates systems software that supports and manages mainframe, distributed computing, virtual machine and cloud computing environments, as well as mobile devices, application delivery, security, and data centre infrastructure. It operates primarily in the B2B space and claims that its customers include the majority of the Forbes Global 2,000 companies.

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Company Info

Headquarters: 1 CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11749
Telephone: +1-800-225-5224

Cover for Enterprise Service Virtualisation

Enterprise Service Virtualisation

This report discusses the service virtualisation space and evaluates the products therein.
Cover for CA Service Virtualization

CA Service Virtualization

This paper discusses and evaluates CA Service Virtualization, a service virtualisation solution for both simulating and testing your services.
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CA World 2016 - general impressions

CA Technologies is still customer focused and sees open source integrations and AI as strategic.Plus, cultural mores in general have moved forwar
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Legacy, a reassessment - Legacy applications may be generating the profits that are paying for your innovation

Much of business is still running on legacy systems - if you just concentrate on innovation, you may die before it delivers.
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The mutable mainframe

Despite appearances mainframes can be agile and can participate in DevOps and continuous delivery.
Cover for CA Technologies - Agile Testing Solutions

CA Technologies – Agile Testing Solutions

Over the last several years CA Technologies has acquired a number of companies and their respective products, to augment its continuous delivery suite.
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The Mutable Mainframe - the Mainframe is still very much part of the CA Technologies roadmap

The Mutable Business probably doesn't care much about what is behind its SLAs, as long as they're met. So, it might as well be a Mainframe.
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What on Earth?

Uneartha is a suite of products that provides requirements-driven data integration and data preparation capabilities.
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CA Technologies: business re-written by software - is there a need for paranoid optimism?

Bit of a buzz at CA World, as there often is, but how disruptive might disruptive technology innovation really be? New technology can't be put back in the box.
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CA Technologies acquires Grid-Tools

CA has acquired Grid-Tools. As always, the questions are what CA will do with its new products and will this be good for users?
Cover for Agile Designer Javelin

Agile Designer Javelin

Javelin is the latest extension to Grid-Tools' Agile Designer, adding an automated testing framework.
Cover for Automated testing: coping with change

Automated testing: coping with change

Automated testing frameworks are not what they were even a couple of years ago.
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Naming things

It's not easy to think of good names for new areas of technology
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A case for CASE

CA Gen, once IEF, is still alive and well.
Cover for Test Case Generation

Test Case Generation

In this paper we compare and examine the different vendor products that are available in the market for this purpose.
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