Orange Cyberdefense MDR - Global reach with a local flavour

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Looking for local managed detection and response (MDR) expertise, perhaps alongside other security services? Orange Cyberdefense could well be the answer to your needs. It has its anchorage in Europe, but has global reach, providing local expertise throughout the world.

Many turn to Orange Cyberdefense for satisfying data sovereignty requirements that require data remain in a specific jurisdiction.  An example is its CyberSOC in China, which is isolated from others and provides services that adhere to strict Chinese regulations.

Other differentiators

Another key consideration for selecting Orange Cyberdefense is its focus on adding security for those with an infrastructure based on Microsoft, which is currently a major driver for uptake of MDR services. It launched services for Microsoft Sentinel in 2021 and has unveiled two services for Microsoft 365 Defender that help to reduce the complexity of Defender to help organisations to shore up their security posture. Currently, Orange Cyberdefense employs some 140 Microsoft-certified experts.

A further differentiator is that Orange Cyberdefense is one of the MDR vendors offering managed WAF services for application security and protecting data assets. Web applications are a major threat vector that can have serious consequences if breached, but WAFs are known to be complex to manage. This should be a key consideration for any organisation with a large web presence.

Orange Cyberdefense has made greater internal use of SOAR in the past year, which is part of its drive to introduce more automation into incident response processes. Automation is critical for efficiency in both detecting and responding to threats and this will be an area of increased focus going forward. In terms of incident response, Orange Cyberdefense is working on greater flexibility and incident classification to drive best practices and help with further automation. It will also offer more in the way of security posture analysis to identify the attack surface, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, tied together with threat information to identify the biggest risks to a particular organisation. It will also offer more services for monitoring digital risk and for crisis management.

Orange Cyberdefense MDR services will benefit a wide range of organisations. Whilst it currently provides services to large organisations, its focus on Microsoft will appeal to those in the midmarket in particular. A key differentiator is its focus on the specific needs of clients. Wherever in the world, Orange Cyberdefense speaks your language and knows local regulations and circumstances. It has multiple SOCs around the world – more than any other MDR vendor – that help ensure local needs are catered for.