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QuasarDB was founded in 2009, with the first implementations of its eponymous database being installed in 2013. Its headquarters are in Paris and it has secondary offices in both New York and London. The company’s main market is in financial services, where it has clients such as BNP Paribas; and it is expanding in the IoT, defence, transportation and industrial spaces with customers such as INDURAD and Michelin.

QuasarDB the product is available both on-premises and in the cloud. In the former case, a free to use Community Edition is available, while in the latter, there is a managed service. The product runs on the Amazon, IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.


Company Info

Headquarters: 24 Rue Fedeau, F-75002, Paris, France
Telephone: +33 1 55 34 92 30


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Time-Series and Temporal databases and analytics

Time-series databases represent the fastest growing database sector over the last two years.
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QuasarDB is a NewSQL column-oriented, time-series, distributed database that uses a peer-to-peer approach to support QuasarDB clusters.
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