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Analyst Coverage: Simon Holloway

PNMSOFT was founded in 1996 and its SEQUENCE product was initially released in 2000.

PNMSOFT is a gold ISV partner of Microsoft, as well as being a member of the Microsoft Business Process Alliance. The company has in recent years won “partner of the year” awards.

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Genpact to acquire PMNsoft

Genpact has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire PNMsoft. PNMsoft is a leading Microsoft BPM software vendor.
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PNMsoft announce EMEA expansion of its operations

PNMsoft open a DACH headquarter in January 2016.
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PNMsoft release new version of their BPM Suite

On September 10th, PNMsoft announced the release of the new version of their BPM Suite
Cover for Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Since I last did a review of the market for BPMS it has been interesting to note that many of my predictions for what would happen have mostly come true.
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BPMS Solution Frameworks at PNMSOFT

At the end of last year I visited PNMSOFT in their offices in Watford as part of the Market Update Review I was carrying out.
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