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NDI is a private company founded in 1998, in New Jersey, by founder and CEO, Jorge McBain. With skills and experience as an architect, and latterly in the design and operation of IT networks, initial sales were based. on a consulting led approach. This sought to improve the operations of large-scale facilities such as data centres and airport terminals.

Large scale projects within the US defence sector, communications service providers (CSPs) and airline markets have led over the intervening years to the development of a sophisticated set of capabilities, including 3D-Visualisation, asset discovery, real-time infrastructure monitoring and AI enabled process automation.

The company has now moved to productise these capabilities into a solution, SARI..BE, that provides the basis for a Digital Twin of business, with immediate relevance for businesses with large scale physical facilities that require optimisation and on-going management, but that has wider implications and opportunities for other markets looking to take advantage of process improvements offered by AI, automation and nascent Digital Twin technologies.

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Headquarters: 133 Palisade Ave, Bogota, NJ 07603, USA
Telephone: +1 201 290 0697


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SARI..BE InBrief (cover thumbnail)

SARI..BE - Automated Real-Time Business Ecosystem Digital Twin Platform

The capabilities of SARI..BE offer an interesting entry point to such a Digital Twin Ecosystem environment.
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