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LeanXcale is based on research conducted at the Distributed Systems Laboratory within Madrid Technical University (UPM). Initial development was funded through EU R&D grants and a prototype was first delivered in 2010 with the company being formally founded in March 2015. The company has patents (both in Europe and USA) for both scaling query processing and ultra-scalable transaction management.

LeanXcale has its headquarters in Madrid as well as an office in the United States. While the LeanXcale database is  suitable for deployment in any OLTP or hybrid OLTP/OLAP environment, the company is primarily focused on financial services, telecommunications, retail and machine-to-machine environments.


Company Info

Headquarters: CAIT, 28223, Madrid
Telephone: +34 656 68 29 48


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Hybrid real-time data processing

There are multiple ways in which databases that support real-time operational/transactional and analytic processing may be implemented. This report compares representative samples of each.
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LeanXcale is an ACID compliant, shared nothing, NewSQL database that has a three-tier architecture.
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