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Guavus, a Thales company, is an advanced analytics vendor that was formed in 2006. It is headquartered in the USA and operates globally. It specialises in enabling mobile network operators (MNOs) to transition to, and take full advantage of, 5G networks. That said, Guavus analytics is also used in other key verticals – such as transportation, aerospace, and manufacturing – both through its parent company, Thales, and its various partnerships.

To these ends, Guavus offers streaming analytics, NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function), service assurance, device management analytics, mobile voice analytics, and more. Additionally, Guavus emphasises its ability to deliver massively scalable, real-time insight driven by AI/ML-enabled analytics, in part via its open MLOps architecture. It also promotes an “analyse first, store later” approach to data that stands in contrast to the traditional model of “speculate, acquire, store, then analyse”.

According to Guavus, customers choose its solution over its competitors due to its focus on pure-play data analytics, its expertise (and history of success) with helping organisations transition to 5G, its capacity for multi-vendor interoperability and integration, and its use of open, standards-based approaches to automation.

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Headquarters: 2860 Junction Avenue San Jose, CA 95134 USA
Telephone: +1-650-243-3400


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