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Global IDs is a privitely funded company established at the beginning of the century (2001). Its initial focus—though this has broadened subsequently—was on Wall Street, hence the company’s location, although software development takes place primarily in India. At the time of writing the company is in the process of establishing a European operation.

Global IDs provides solutions to enterprise information management (EIM) and governance problems and issues, focusing on companies with the largest, most complex and intractable environments, which are typically multi-domain and often span multiple geographies. In particular, the company is targeting what might best be described as “landscape discovery and governance”, by which we mean the discovery, management and governance of large (hundreds or thousands of data sources) IT estates.

The company’s technology suite is extremely broad ranging and there are a large number of individual tools that span its solutions, including data profiling, data quality, data governance, and master and reference data management. However, Global ID’s solutions are not usually implemented for, say, a simple name and address matching and cleansing project—while they could certainly be used for this purpose, in practice it would be overkill—the strength of Global IDs is when there is overwhelming complexity involved, across multiple (and not just a few) data sources. To coin a phrase: “Global IDs refreshes parts of the IT landscape that other vendors cannot reach”.

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Headquarters: Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Telephone: 001 (609) 683 1066

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