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Global Data Excellence

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Global Data Excellence (GDE) is a swiss software company, based in Geneva, with more than 30 major customers across the financial, industrial, and public sectors. The company creation was based on the observation that data is a strategic asset for any organisation and that data management is a priority because of the explosion of the volume and the consideration of new business requirements. GDE developed the software Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) embedding the Data Excellence Framework© (DEF) allowing organisations to maximize the business value of their data.

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Headquarters: Switzerland
Telephone: +41 22 552 04 30


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00002552 - DATA GOVERNANCE Market Update cover thumbnail

Data Governance (July 2020)

Data governance, as a space, has matured significantly over the past few years. This Market Update examines and competitively evaluates the vendors therein.
GLOBAL DATA EXCELLENCE (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

GDE Data Excellence Management System

DEMS, short for Data Excellence Management System, is a data governance and data quality platform.
00002711 - DATA ASSURANCE Hyper Report (cover thumbnail)

Data Assurance

This report is about assuring the quality and provenance of your data from both internal and external perspectives.
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