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Delphix was founded in 2008 and is funded by venture capital. Its latest D round of funding took place in 2015, raising $75m. The company is headquartered in California and it also has offices in Boston, Atlanta, and Denver. Internationally, Delphix has offices in London and Tokyo as well as a number of overseas customers. In May 2015 Delphix acquired Axis Technology Software, which had previously been a Delphix technology partner.

The Delphix platform is used to create virtual copies of the data (or some of the data) contained within your corporate databases for use in application development, testing, cloud migration, back-up and recovery, and other similar scenarios. The Delphix Engine creates virtual copies of existing data sources for these purposes.  Complementing the Delphix Engine is Delphix Data Masking, which allows masking of sensitive data in these virtual environments.

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Headquarters: 275 Middlefield Rd, Suite 210 Menlo Park, CA 94024
Telephone: (650) 494-1645

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